Finding Peace At Work

I was watching the Korean drama (My Name is Kim Sam Soon), and I found myself envying the main character, Kim Sam Soon.

In episode 6, she bakes a cake for her ex-boyfriend’s engagement party that is being held at the restaurant she works at.  After silently watching the engagement, she hides in the restroom and cries.  Then, when she’s all cried out, she grabs a glass of red wine and heads over to the piano.

This made me remember an earlier scene where the main character couldn’t sleep and ended up going to the restaurant early in the morning to bake.  She makes some chocolate pastries, and, after she’s done, she peacefully sips a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

I don’t hate my workplace, but I feel like all I do there is “work.”  Wouldn’t it be nice if I could also find peace there?